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Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions

Question No: 81

What are two security features at the access port level that can help mitigate Layer 2 attacks? (Choose two.)

  1. DHCP snooping

  2. IP Source Guard

  3. Telnet

  4. Secure Shell

  5. SNMP

Answer: A,B

Question No: 82

Which two web browsers are supported for the Cisco ISE GUI? (Choose two.)

  1. HTTPS-enabled Mozilla Firefox version 3.x

  2. Netscape Navigator version 9

  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 in Internet Explorer 8-only mode

  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 in all Internet Explorer modes

  5. Google Chrome (all versions)

Answer: A,C

Question No: 83

Where in the Cisco ASA appliance CLI are Active/Active Failover configuration parameters configured?

  1. admin context

  2. customer context

  3. system execution space

  4. within the system execution space and admin context

  5. within each customer context and admin context

Answer: C

Question No: 84

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What type of attack is being mitigated on the Cisco ASA appliance?

  1. HTTP and POST flood attack

  2. HTTP Compromised-Key Attack

  3. HTTP Shockwave Flash exploit

  4. HTTP SQL injection attack

Answer: D

Question No: 85

Which command configures the SNMP server group1 to enable authentication for members of the access list east?

  1. snmp-server group group1 v3 auth access east

  2. snmp-server group1 v3 auth access east

  3. snmp-server group group1 v3 east

  4. snmp-server group1 v3 east access

Answer: A

Question No: 86

Which statement about Dynamic ARP Inspection is true ?

  1. In a typical network, you make all ports as trusted expect for the ports connection to switches , which areuntrusted

  2. DAI associates a trust state with each switch

  3. DAI determines the validity of an ARP packet based on valid IP to MAC address binding from the DHCPsnooping database

  4. DAI intercepts all ARP requests and responses on trusted ports only

  5. DAI cannot drop invalid ARP packets

Answer: C

Question No: 87

At which layer does Dynamic ARP Inspection validate packets?

  1. Layer 2

  2. Layer 3

  3. Layer 4

  4. Layer 7

Answer: A

Question No: 88

Which ASA feature is used to keep track of suspected attackers who create connections to too many hosts or ports?

  1. complex threat detection

  2. scanning threat detection

  3. basic threat detection

  4. advanced threat detection

Answer: B

Question No: 89

Which command is the first that you enter to check whether or not ASDM is installed on the ASA?

  1. Show ip

  2. Show running-config asdm

  3. Show running-config boot

  4. Show version

  5. Show route

Answer: D

Question No: 90

Which two options are two purposes of the packet-tracer command? (Choose two.)

  1. to filter and monitor ingress traffic to a switch

  2. to configure an interface-specific packet trace

  3. to inject virtual packets into the data path

  4. to debug packet drops in a production network

  5. to correct dropped packets in a production network

Answer: C,D

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