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Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Essentials

Question No: 31

A node isevicted from a three-node cluster due to poor latency of the underlying storage Which two statements arecorrectin describing the instancerecovery process?

  1. Perform a restore of archive redo from flashrecovery area to recover database

  2. Upon startup, the SMON/LMS processes perform instance crash recovery.

  3. Upon startup of failed instance,the SMON process performs instance crash recovery by using checkpoints to determine which data needs to be append to data files.

  4. User intervention is not required.

  5. Upon startup, PMON (process monitor) performs instance crashrecovery automatically User intervention is not required

Answer: C,D

Question No: 32

Which statementaccurately describes the benefit of the policy-managed database feature with OracleRAC12cR1?

  1. Itprotects against cascade failures due to network usage. It migratesworkload isolation to specific pools. Less important workloads shut down immediately.

  2. It protects against cascade failures due to load. It ensures that workload isolation is balanced between pools. Less important workloads start transactionally

  3. Itprotects against cascade failures due to load.It ensures workload isolation between pools.Less important workloads shut down transactionally

  4. It protects against cascade failures due to load.It ensures workload isolation between pools. Less important workloads shut down and start uniformly.

  5. It protects against cascade failures due to load.It ensures workloads are not isolated between pools.Less important workloads shut downtransactionally.

Answer: C

Question No: 33

Which two components are included in Oracle CloudFS?

  1. ASM Cluster File System

  2. Oracle Database

  3. Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager

  4. Oracle Clusterware

Answer: A,C

Question No: 34

You are building a new 12c cluster to accommodate the upcoming projects.You arecurrently working with the networkadmin team to define the requirementsneeded. Currently, thenetworkteam wouldlike to get cleared on the protocols beingused by the various network interface needed. Which three statements about Clusterware communication are correct?

  1. For the public network, each network adapter must support TCP/IP. This requirement holds true for both Microsoft Windows and Linux/Unix environments

  2. For the private network, the interface must support the user datagram protocol (UDP) using high speed network adapters and switches that support TCP/IP. This holds true inthe Linux/Unix environment.

  3. For the publicnetwork, each network adapter needs tosupport only UDP, which provides lowlatency.This requirement holds true for both MicrosoftWindows and Linux/Unixenvironments

  4. For the private network,thenetworkadapters must use high-speed network adapters and switches that support TCP/IP. This requirement holds true inthe Microsoft Windows environment

  5. There is no mandatory requirement for the protocol being supported for bothprivate and public interfaces.Oracle RAC andClusterware aulomatically detect and support any current standard industry protocol

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 35

The DISK_REPAIR_TIME attribute has expired after a transient disk error. What happens next?

  1. Nothing, it was only a warning. All the disks are OK

  2. This means that the disk is repaired and is put backinthe ASM disk group.

  3. Oracle ASM drops the disk.

  4. This means that Oracle will use ASM Fast Mirror Resync to sync the rest of the disks.

Answer: C

Question No: 36

There is an instance for which the instance type is set to ASMPROXY .Which two statements are correct?

  1. We know it can be shutdown when ACFS is not running.

  2. We know this clusteris using Flex ASM.

  3. We know Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager is not supported here.

  4. We know this is an Oracle Restart configuration.

  5. We know this node must have a direct ASM client running

Answer: B,E

Question No: 37

Identify two correct statements about stopping instances and Oracle RAC databases

  1. To shut down an Oracle RAC database completely, you must shut down every instance that has the database open or mounted.

  2. After a NORMAL or IMMEDIATE shutdown, instance recovery is required

  3. srvctl stop instance shuts down the Oracle RAC database.

  4. crsctl stop crs stops the stack on the node, including the database instance.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 38

Which statement is true about the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 by usingOracle Universal lnstaller (OUI)?

  1. You can use OUI to upgrade the entire Grid Infrastructure to 12cR1.

  2. You can use OUI to install Grid Infrastructure in an Oracle Restart configuration.

  3. You must use OUIto first install software only and then configure Oracle Clusterware and ASM.

  4. You can use OUI to upgrade Oracle ASM to more recent release than Oracle Clusterware.

  5. You can use OUI to install and configure a cluster that contains only hub nodes.

Answer: A


Question No: 39

You are beginning the process of creating an Oracle ACFS volume.Which command creates an Oracle ACFS volume?

  1. asmcmd[ ) gt;volcreate -G data -s 5Gvolume1

  2. asmcmd[ ] gt;vol create -G data -s 5Gvolume1

  3. asmcmd[ ] gt; alter diskgroup DATA create volume1size 5G;

  4. asmcmd[ ] gt;createvol -G data -a 5G volume1

Answer: A

Question No: 40

What device path do you have to specify in ASM, if you want to use the multipath device?

/dev/sdd = first path

/dev/sdd = second path

/dev/multipatha = path of the multipath OS driver

  1. Only /dev/sdc is enough, because asmlib knows it is a multipath device.

  2. /dev/sdc as disk group and /dev/sdd as failure group.

  3. You need to specify all the three devices and only then ASM will know this is a multipath device.

  4. Only /dev/multipatha is enough.

Answer: D

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