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Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials

Question No: 1

Consider a case where an application does not respond as predicted when a user submits data. Where would you set a breakpoint to debug the issue? (Choose the best answer)

  1. the value binding for the iterator on the pagedef for the view

  2. a view activity that is used to determine where to send the user

  3. the partialTriggers property of the data bound component in the view

  4. the Apply Request Values phase of the life cycle

Answer: A

Question No: 2

Which two statements are true about attribute value bindings? (Choose two.)

  1. Multiple Ul components can reference the same attribute value binding.

  2. An attribute value binding can be created only by dragging and dropping a data control attribute onto a page.

  3. Each data control attnbute can have only one attnbute value binding.

  4. An ADF Faces inputText and an outputText component displaying the same attribute value would typically use separate bindings.

  5. Creating an attnbute value binding by dragging and dropping from the Data Controls window references, by default, an attribute value in the current row in the collection.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 3

Select two true statements about JSF components. (Choose two.)

  1. They can generate only HTML markup.

  2. They can contain other JSF components.

  3. They can be manipulated from a managed bean.

  4. They always translate to a visual component on the user interface.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 4

Consider the validation code in a Shipping entity object that is designed to ensure that the date ordered is lt;= the date shipped.

public boolean validateDateShippedAfterDateOrderedQ { Date DateShipped = getDateShipped();

Date DateOrdered = qetDateOrdered();

if (DateShipped != null amp;amp; DateShipped.compareTo(DateOrdered) lt; 0){ return false;


return true;


Which entity object validation rule should you integrate this with#39;#39; (Choose the best answer)

  1. compare validator on the DateShipped attribute

  2. method validator on the DateShipped attribute

  3. compare validator on the DateOrdered attribute

  4. range validator on the Shipping entity object

  5. method validator on the Shipping entity object

Answer: C

Question No: 5

Where could you write code to change the color of a JSF input text component if the value of the salary field on the same page is higher than a fixed value? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. in a backing bean

  2. in the validation for the view object#39;s salary attribute

  3. in the CSS file that defines the skin for the application

  4. in a custom validator defined at the field level

Answer: D

Question No: 6

Consider a development organization divided into two teams, one developing ADF Business Components and related methods, and one developing the view and controller layers. What two steps would the Business Components team perform to deliver the results of their work to the other team#39;? (Choose two.)

  1. Share the root ApplicationModulelmpI file on the file system or other shared location.

  2. Create an ADF Library JAR file for the model project

  3. Create a path to the ADF Library JAR file in Tools gt; Manage Libraries

  4. Add the ADF Library JAR to the ViewController project

  5. Share the ADF Library JAR file on the file system or other shared location

Answer: B,D

Question No: 7

Which option represents the expression you would use to determine if a user belongs to the administrator role? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. #{securityContext.userinRolefadministrator#39;]}

  2. adf.context.securityContext.role.administrator

  3. #{securityContextuserGrantedResource [administrator1]}

  4. sfadfSecurity.userlnRolefadministrator#39;]}

  5. adf.context.secuhtyContext.userlnRole.administrator

Answer: D

Question No: 8

Your page contains the following code that is invoked on an action by the current user;

lt;af:setPropertyListener from-quot;#{applicant:surname}quot; to-#39;#(…)quot; type-#39;action#39;7gt;

To receive the value from the to property of the afsetPropertyListener, you create a managed bean as follows

package view;

public class Employee { String lastName;

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What Fl pynrp芦;lt;;jnn wnnlrl vnn wrifp in thp aflt;;pfPrnnprtvl ilt;;lpnpr quot;Inquot; nrnnprtv tn writp Ihp valnp tnlhp la^tNamp lt;;ti

IIIIIIIUVUM WUUII _v-kgt;p禄禄 UW*U\芦t ii,llw\.vpn. 鈥i芦M芦H-芦 WbUI* — ^#39;|


What EL expression would you write in the af setPropertyListener quot;toquot; property to write the value to the lastName string of the Employee class? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. to=quot;#{lastName}quot;

  2. B.to=quot;#{LastNamer

  3. C.to=quot;#{pageFlowScope.emp.lastName):

  4. to^frfpageFlowScopeEmplastName}quot;

  5. to=quot;#{emp.lastName}e

  6. to=quot;#{pageFlowScope emp LastName}quot;

Answer: C

Question No: 9

Select three options that page template developers can use when creating a page template. (Choose three.)

  1. Create a page template based on a quick start layout.

  2. Create a page template based on an existing JavaServer Faces (JSF) page.

  3. Create a JavaServer Faces Fragment (JSFF) and register it as a page template.

  4. Create a page template based on an existing template.

  5. Create a page or fragment from a blank layout and register it as a page template.

  6. Create a page template from a blank layout.

Answer: B,D,F

Question No: 10

Which three statements are true about afpanelTabbed? (Choose three.)

  1. Tab position can be only top or bottom.

  2. Content inside a tab can stretch horizontally.

  3. You can use i cons i nstead of text on tabs.

  4. You can have only one disclosed tab at a time.

  5. You cannot have an afpaneffabbed component inside one of the tabs.

Answer: B,D,E

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