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Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 12 Technical Implementation Essentials

Question No: 1

During the migration process in each of the upload sheets, a balancing entry is required to balance the batch. Which General Ledger should the balancing entry be posted to? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. Suspense GL

  2. Conversion GL

  3. Dummy GL

  4. Expense GL

Answer: A

Question No: 2

A new user interface field has been introduced on the Clearing Networks Screen (ISDNTMNT) for a custom release. Which two files deployed on the application server will reflect this change? (Choose two.)

  1. ISDNTMNT.xml




Answer: A,C

Question No: 3 CORRECT TEXT

An Oracle FLEXCUBE User who has completed his transactions has logged off for the day Subsequently, the Authorizer notices some errors in one of the transactions. What can the Authorizer do? (Choose the best answer.)

A Delete the transaction

  1. Keep the transaction on hold till the next day.

  2. Assign the transaction to another User.

  3. Unlock the transaction and correct the invalid entry

Answer: B

Question No: 4

How many levels can the menus in Oracle FLEXCUBE be drilled down to? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. 4

  2. 2

C. 999

  1. up to the value set in the Bank parameter

  2. 9

Answer: B

Question No: 5

You are defining a Data Block for a screen by using the Workbench Tool Which statement is true? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. One Child Block is compulsory.

  2. You can optionally set the Block Type as Master or Child.

  3. All Data Blocks can be set as a Master Block.

  4. One Master Block is compulsory while designing the screen.

  5. All Data Blocks can be set as a Child Block.

Answer: D

Question No: 6

The Electronic Messaging System (EMS) is used to integrate Oracle FLEXCUBE with Swift Alliance. Which two options are true about EMS deployment? (Choose two.)

  1. The Oracle FLEXCUBE Scheduler component of EMS Services polls the pre-designated directory, picks up the message from the Ready folder, and moves it to the WIP folder.

  2. The MDB component of EMS Services reads the message queue and calls database services for further processing of messages.

  3. The Oracle FLEXCUBE Scheduler component of EMS Services can be used to read messages from Oracle FLEXCUBE database calls by using database links

  4. The EJB component of EMS Services can be invoked directly by an external system and messages can be passed on directly to it.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 7

Which statement is true about migrating data from a legacy system to FLEXCUBE? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. All historic data from the legacy system is migrated to FLEXCUBE.

  2. An option is available in FLEXCUBE to choose whether histonc data should be migrated from the legacy system or not.

  3. No historic data is migrated from the legacy system to FLEXCUBE

  4. Historic data from the legacy system is migrated to a different server and FLEXCUBE fetches the details from this server.

Answer: B

Question No: 8

The system derives the details of each XML request by referring to GWTM_FCJ_FUNCTIONS. Based on which set of parameters is any subsequent processing of the request performed#39;? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. Function ID Operation

  2. Service Name Operation

  3. Service Name Action

  4. Function ID Action

Answer: B

Question No: 9

In which table are screen details in the Workbench Tool such as module, logging required, tanking modification, and so on stored? (Choose the best answer.)






Answer: B

Question No: 10

The Audit Trail of Oracle FLEXCUBE stores information about actions such as creation, modification, closing, and reopening, which are performed on all records. Which three options do the Audit Trail parameters include? (Choose three.)

  1. Input By lt; Namegt;. Date and Time of Input. Authorized By lt;Namegt;, and Date and Time of Authorization

  2. Number of Modifications

  3. Branch Code and Language lt;of the Usergt;

  4. Status of the Record (open or closed) and Authorized status (authonzed or unauthorized)

  5. Version of the Contract

Answer: A,B,D

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