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Oracle Procurement Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 41

Which option would the application first look at to default the Location field in the Purchase Order Line?

  1. Purchase Order Header

  2. supplier site assignment record of the supplier site in the RequisitioningBU

  3. BU assignment record of the source agreement that corresponds to the Requisitioning BU

  4. “Requisitioning Business Function Configuration” task of the Requisitioning BU

Answer: D Explanation:

Default Ship-to Location (If only Services, the attribute name isDefault Work Location)

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56614_01/procurementop_gs/OAPRC/F1007479A N1AB12.htm

Question No: 42

During a Procurement Contract implementation, a customer would like to set up approvals for procurement contract documents. The customer has four departments and any contract needs to be approved by all the four department users.

Identify the configuration to fulfill this requirement.

  1. Set up employee supervisor hierarchy for all four department users and add them to an approval group.

  2. Set up one approval group and include the four department users with voting regime as consensus.

  3. Set up one approval group and include the four department users with voting regime as first responder wins.

  4. Set up user group for the four departments and set up individual rules for the four department users.

Answer: B Explanation:

Preapproval Header Consensus

Approvals are routed in parallel for this participant. This participant is more commonly used in conjunction with approval groups. This participant requires approval from all approvers.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/procurementcs_gs/OAPRO/OAPRO10610 36.htm#OAPRO1061036

Question No: 43

During an Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation, you are going to implement Purchasing and Self Services Procurement. Identify the configuration step that will ensure that the tasks related to the other Procurement Cloud products like Supplier Portal Cloud are not available in Functional Setup Manager (FSM) during configuration.

  1. Enable only “Purchasing” and “Self Service Procurement” during Configure Offering.

  2. Enable “Procurement” pillar and do not assign the tasks to the implementation consultants in FSM.

  3. Enable all modules during Configure Offerings anddisable the tasks related to unrelated modules in FSM.

  4. Enable tasks related to Supplier Model during Configure Offering.

Answer: A Explanation:

Provisioning Offerings

The Provisioned column on the Configure Offerings page shows whether or not an offering is provisioned. While you are not prevented from configuring offerings that have not been provisioned, ultimately the users are not able to perform the tasks needed to enter setup data for those offerings until appropriate enterprise applications (Java EE applications) are provisioned and their location (end point URLs) is registered.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/farel8/procurementcs_gs/FASUP/F1175419AN1 03FD.htm

Question No: 44

An organization wants to establish a supplier onboarding process with qualification and evaluation. Only qualified suppliers should be eligible to supply their goods and service.

How do you model this requirement using external supplier registration and supplier qualification management?

  1. External Supplier registration-Prospective gt; Initiative gt; Supplier Response gt; Qualification Evaluation gt; Promoted as spend authorized

  2. External Supplier registration-Spend Authorized gt; Initiative gt; Supplier Response gt; Qualification Evaluation gt; Promoted as Prospective

  3. External Supplierregistration-Prospective gt; Supplier Response gt; Promoted as spend authorized gt; Qualification Evaluation

  4. External Supplier registration-Spend Authorized gt; Supplier Response gt; Qualification Evaluation gt; Initiative

Answer: A Explanation:

You can choose to register thenew supplier as a prospective supplier or a spend authorized.

If you register the company as a prospective supplier, the supplier can participate as soon as its registration is approved. A prospective supplier can receive invitations, view a negotiation and respond. You can award the supplier business, but you cannot issue a purchase document for the supplier until it is approved for conducting financial transactions

with your buying organization.

Question No: 45

Identify the Duty role that you need to associate with the Job role to enable the “new supplier request” functionality.

  1. Supplier sales representative duty

  2. Supplier bidder duty

  3. Submit supplier registration duty

  4. Supplier Self Service administrator duty

  5. Supplier SelfService clerk duty

Answer: C Explanation:

Only registration requests in pending approval status can be edited. The user must be the current approver and have Supplier Registration Management Duty (Edit Supplier Registration Request privilege), or Supplier Profile Management Duty (Access Supplier Workarea Overview privilege) to edit the registration.

Question No: 46

During an Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation, you have been asked to provide View access to all purchasing documents to all buyers in Procurement Business Unit A. What will you do to configure this change?

  1. Configure a new document style and assign it to each buyer in “Manage Procurement Agent”.

  2. Define all buyers as employees in procurement Business Unit A.

  3. Updateeach buyer’s access using “Manage Procurement Agent” for procurement Business Unit A.

  4. Modify “Configure Procurement Business Function” for procurement Business Unit A and provide access to all buyers.

Answer: D

Question No: 47

Your customer tells you that in their industry, the response document for an auction is called a “Proposal” instead of the default Oracle term “Bid”, and that they would like to have all their negotiation documents reflect this terminology. What would you do to meet this requirement?

  1. Customize the Descriptive Flexfield,

  2. Create a Negotiation Style.

  3. Create a Negotiation Template.

  4. Create a Purchasing Document Style.

  5. Create a Negotiation Type.

Answer: B Explanation:

You can use a negotiation style to control the look of the document and the features available. A style is a good way to create a streamlined negotiation.

Question No: 48

Your customer is implementing Cloud Procurement across two countries: A and B. They need intercompany transactions to be carried out between these two entities.

Identify the setup to fulfill this requirement.

  1. intercompany transaction between business units of countries A and B

  2. Supply Chain financial Orchestration agreement between legal entities of countries A and B

  3. Supply Chain financialOrchestration agreement between business units of countries A and B

  4. intercompany transaction between legal entities of countries A and B

Answer: A


Sold-to BU: If the selected BU performs invoicing, then the same BU can be used as the Sold-to BU. However, in certain instances due to tax or legal reasons the client BU may only perform requisitioning with the supplier and another BU assumes the liability for the purchases. In this case a different sold-to BU is selected. The list of soldto BUs that can beselected for a given client BU is determined by the Intercompany Transaction Flow setup. In addition, when a separate Sold-to BU acts as an agent to the client BU an assignment must be created for the soldto BU in order for the BU to process invoices.

References: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56614_01/procurementop_gs/OAPRC/F1007476AN1079E.ht m

Question No: 49

Identify the setup that allows news and information of interest to be published to suppliers through the Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud.

  1. configuring the “News Broadcast” field using the “Manage Supplier” task

  2. enabling feed from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on on using “Manage Common Options for Purchasing”

  3. setting up Specify Supplier News Content in the Functional Setup Manager

  4. enabling RSS feed from a customers’ corporate web portal

Answer: D

Question No: 50

Your customer requires that a consignment order should automatically get created whenever a self-service requester creates a purchase requisition.

Identify the setup required to fulfill this requirement.

  1. Select the “Source from consignment” check box and set “Urgent” to “Yes” during requisition creation through self-service.

  2. Enable all the requisition line items to be sources from the consignment source.

  3. Create a consignment agreement with touchless buying options enabled in the Controls tab to automatically generate orders.

  4. Assign all the requisition line to the consignment buyer.

Answer: A Explanation:

How can I create a purchase order for consignment inventory items?

You begin by creating a purchase order with a document style for a consignment order. Choose your consignment supplier and add the consignment items for this order.

Verify that the items were sourced by aconsignment agreement and that Consignment Line is checked on the line.

Submit the order for approval.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/procurementcs_gs/OAPRC/OAPRC10074 79.htm

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