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Oracle Procurement Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 21

On completion of a Negotiation Award using a negotiation template, you are trying to create a purchasing document and system provides you the option to create a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) only, whereas you expected to get an option to create a Contract Purchase Agreement (CPA).

Identify the reason for this.

  1. The negotiation outcome is defined as “Blanket Purchase Agreement” in the negotiation template.

  2. The Business Function for the associated Business Unit is “Requisition Only” and did notallow Purchase Agreement Generation.

  3. The Profile Option PO_PRC_AGENT_CATEGORY_ASSIGNMENT is set to the current user.

  4. The negotiation outcome is defined as “Contract Purchase Agreement” in the negotiation template.

Answer: D Explanation:

Oracle Fusion Purchasingprovides the following purchase order types: purchase order,

blanket purchase agreement, and contract purchase agreement.

References: Oracle Procurement Cloud Using Procurement (Release 9), page 131

Question No: 22

Your customer wants to use the Negotiations Online message functionality to interact with suppliers participating in a negotiation.

Identify three features of the Negotiation Online message functionality.

  1. You can send SMS to suppliers.

  2. The online messages will be retained for future reference and audit trail.

  3. You can add attachments in the message.

  4. You can do online chatting.

  5. Suppliers can raise clarifications for an auction online and you can respondwith answers online.

Answer: B,C,E Explanation:

C: TheAttachments Flag is a flag that indicates the presence of an attachment that can be downloaded online.

E:The Category Manager may receive inquiries from a supplier asking for clarification about a negotiation requirement or line attribute. The Category Manger pauses the negotiation while she is conducting a discussion with the supplier.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56614_01/procurementop_gs/OAPRC/F1007481A N23290.htm#F1007449AN23359

Question No: 23

Identify three application standard lookups that are available in the Setup and Maintenance task list “Define Supplier Configuration”.

  1. Manage Requirement Section Lookup

  2. BusinessClassification Lookup

  3. Minority Group Lookup

  4. Tax Organization Type Lookup

  5. Manage FOB Lookup

  6. Manage Freight Terms Lookup

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 24

A customer’s procurement manager has the authority to approve office supply Purchase Orders up to $6,600.00. For all other types of Purchase Orders, there is no approval hierarchy.

The customer is located in Kandy and the purchasing category for office supplies is Office Supplies. The COA (Chart of Accounts) format is: Company.Business Unit.Cost Center.Account. The future and segment values are 01 for the company, 220 for the Business Unit, 339 for the cost center, 67887 for the account, and the future is always 000000.

Identify the approval group setup that would enable this purchasing practice.

  1. Set the Document Total object to include an amount limit of $5,000.00.

  2. Document Total: Amount Limit= $0.00Account Range: Amount Limit = $6,600Account Range: From: 01.220.339.67887.000000 To: 01.220.339.67887.000000Category Range: Amount Limit = $6,600Category Range: From: Office.Supplies To: Office.SuppliesRequisition Document Type setup = ‘Owner can Approve’

  3. Document Total: Amount Limit = $6,600.00Location: Amount Limit = $6,600 and Location = KandyCategory Range: Amount Limit = $10,000Category Range: From: X.Supplies To: Office.Supplies

  4. Document Total: Amount Limit = $0.00Account Range: Amount Limit = $6,600Account Range: From: 01.220.339.67887.000000 To: 01.220.339.67887.000000Category Range: Amount Limit = $6,600Category Range: From: Office.Supplies To: Office.Supplies

  5. Document Total: Amount Limit = $0.00Account Range: Amount Limit = $6,600Account Range: From: 01.220.339.00000.000000 To: 01.220.339.99999.000000Location: Amount Limit = $5,000 and Location = Kandy

Answer: B

Question No: 25

Your customer has three Business Units, of which two are requisitioning Business Units and one is a Procurement Business Unit. They want to define each document number based on document type and business unit combination in Oracle Procurement Cloud.

Which Functional Setup Manager task can be used to accomplish these requirements?

  1. Manage Procurement Document Numbering

  2. Configure Procurement Business Function

  3. Configure Requisitioning Business Function

  4. Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement

Answer: A Explanation:

You can define procurement document numbering using the Manage Procurement Document Numbering page.

Note:Organizations need the ability to define procurement document numbers based on document type. The sequence may differ by legal entity or business unit. Here are some considerations when defining a document numbering sequence.

If a document number sequence is not defined in advance, the application creates it when the first transaction is created for that document type and legal entity or business unit combination. The application starts the document number with 1.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/procurementcs_gs/OAPRO/OAPRO10610 42.htm#OAPRO1405307

Question No: 26

Your organization is implementing Supplier Qualification Management (SQM) and wants the supplier qualification process to be executed with segregation of duties in the following manner:

Identify the correct setup to meet this requirement.

  1. initiatives created and owned by VD, internal response by SME, and evaluation by PD

  2. initiatives created andowned by VD, internal response and evaluation by SME

  3. initiatives created and owned by PD, internal response by VD, and evaluation by SME

  4. initiatives created and owned by VD, internal response by PD, and evaluation by SME

Answer: A

Question No: 27

Your customer wants to configure four business units (BUs) as follows: Identify an applicable setup to represent how the business unit is used.

  1. A Singapore BU must be assigned the Payables Payment business function.

  2. The US BU must be assigned the Requisitioning and Procurement business functions.

  3. The Korea BU must beassigned the Receiving, Payables Invoicing, and Payables Payment business functions.

  4. The China BU must be assigned the Billing and Revenue and Requisitioning business functions.

  5. The Singapore BU must be assigned with the Billing and Revenue and Payables Invoicing business functions.

Answer: A Explanation:

Centralized payment processing enables you to implement a shared payment service model.

Under this model, a single quot;payment business unitquot; provides payment services to multiple quot;invoice business unitsquot;. Thatis, any business unit with the Payables Paymentquot; businessfunctionquot; can provide payment services to other business units with the Payables

Invoicing business function.

References:https://fusionhelp.oracle.com/helpPortal/topic/TopicId_P_F4FAD941BEF953E0 E040D30A68811F09

Question No: 28

Your customer tells you that when they cancel a Purchase Order, the requisition referring to that Purchase Order should also be automatically canceled. Identify the setup that needs to be performed to fulfill this requirement.

  1. In the “Configure Requisitioning Business Function” task, set the “Cancel Backing Requisitions” value to Always.

  2. In the “Configure Requisitioning Business Function” task, set the “Cancel Backing Requisitions” value to Never.

  3. Automatic cancellation of requisition is not possible. Therefore, the customer must manually cancel the requisition after canceling the Purchase Order.

  4. In the “Configure Procurement Business Function” task, select the “Allow Item Description Update” check box.

  5. In the “Configure Requisitioning Business Function” task, select the “Create orders immediately after” check box.

Answer: A Explanation:

Cancel Backing Requisitions controls whether a backing requisition should be canceled when there is purchase order cancellation.

Options are:

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56614_01/procurementop_gs/OAPRO/F1061043A N3FFA8.htm#F1061014AN40D05

Question No: 29

Your customer is implementing the full suite of Cloud procurement. They would like to know how best they can utilize the Contract Terms library.

Identify three applications from where users can access the Contract Terms library for setting up “contract terms” for different documents.

  1. Supplier Model

  2. Self Service Procurement

  3. Sourcing

  4. Procurement Contracts

  5. Purchasing

Answer: C,D,E Explanation:

C: The procedure for conducting and awarding a two-stage RFQ in Fusion Sourcing quote information includes contact terms.

D: Adding Contract Terms

IfOracle Fusion Procurement Contracts is installed and configured, you can access contract information created and stored in Procurement Contracts and associate it with your negotiation document. Such information could identify important deliverables or contract clauses suppliers must provide along with the timeline governing the deliverable management.

E: In Oracle Fusion Purchasing a purchase order can be created through an automated process or entered manually.

You can communicate your purchase orders andagreements along with any amendments, attachments, contract terms, and contractual deliverables to suppliers using print, fax, or e- mail.

References: Oracle Procurement Cloud Using Procurement (Release 9), pages 155, 213, and 248

Question No: 30

Your customer is implementing Oracle Procurement Cloud applications with multiple Requisition Business Units. Each Business Unit has employees who need the ability to create requisitions. The customer does not want all employees in the organization to be able to create requisitions using the self-service application; however, they should be able to search for information (for example, contact details) relating to other employees.

To restrict certain employees from being able to create requisitions, identify the inherited role that must be removed from the seeded Employee role.

  1. Procurement Administrator

  2. Employee

  3. Procurement Preparer

  4. Contingent Worker

  5. Procurement Requester

Answer: E Explanation:

An internal supplier registration can come from one of the following three flows: References: Oracle Procurement Cloud Using Procurement (Release 9), page 24

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