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PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 General Ledger

Question No: 11

The primary function of the PeopleSoft InterUnit and IntraUnit process is .

  1. automatic creation of the Due-To or Due-From journal lines

  2. to close out open items

  3. automatic reconciliation

  4. for use in the Allocation process

Answer: A

Question No: 12

Which three items must be completed on the Import Journals Now page?

  1. Date

  2. User ID

  3. Password

  4. Business Unit

  5. Ledger name

  6. URL to PeopleSoft database

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 13

Which page identifies the System Source that distributes accounting entries to PeopleSoft Genera/ Ledger?

  1. Post Journals Request

  2. Journal Entry Template

  3. Journal Generator Request

  4. Accounting Entry Definition

  5. Accounting Entry Template

Answer: B

Question No: 14

Identify four true statements about tree branches.

  1. Each branch can be maintained as a separate object, allowing multiple users to work on separate branches simultaneously.

  2. Tree branches can be used to restrict security access.

  3. When you are using the original tree, you cannot edit the branch#39;s nodes or details until you open that brancH.

  4. Branching a tree can improve PeopleSoft Tree Manager performance by reducing the amount of data accesseD.

  5. Tree Manager restricts you from creating branches from a branched nodE.

Answer: A,B,C,E

Question No: 15

On the General Ledger Definition – Journal Options page, the journal options are set by .

  1. SetID

  2. Ledger

  3. Control Group

  4. Tree

  5. Ledger Group

  6. Business Unit

Answer: F

Reference: (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/A60725_05/html/comnls/us/gl/usingb11.htm)

Question No: 16

Where do trees determine which ChartField the tree is based on and where the detail values for that ChartField are stored?

  1. tree name

  2. tree structures

  3. tree categories

  4. root node of a tree

Answer: D

Question No: 17

Which two ChartField types does Advanced ChartField Configuration enable you to add?

  1. IntraUnit Affiliate

  2. Standard

  3. Balancing

  4. Suspense

  5. Balance Forward

Answer: B,C

Question No: 18

Identify two statements that best describe Multibook.

  1. Reconciling is not required between subledgers.

  2. Translations to reporting currency is not in real timE.

  3. Functional currency and reporting currency should be maintained in the same ledger.

  4. You can post a single transaction to all base currencies or to only one of the base currencies.

  5. Each ledger may have its own base currency or it may inherit the base currency from the Genera/ Ledger Business Unit.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 19

Which three statements describe the Year-End Close process?

  1. closes all adjustment periods

  2. closes selected adjustment periods

  3. requires that all P/L accounts be closed

  4. requires that only selected accounts be closed

  5. directly updates the ledger but provides for optional creation of journal entries for audit trail

  6. creates journal entries for balancing transactions and posts them to the user-defined P/L closing account with the net amount

Answer: C,E,F

Question No: 20

Which four occur during batch combination processing when using COMBO_DATA_TBL?

  1. The process loops through the combination groups and determines if the Master Selector tables are built for a group. If the tables are not built, it builds them dynamically according to the rules using the Application Engine temporary tables.

  2. If the anchor ChartField does not have a Combination Rule defined for it, the line is marked with the state that you selected-either Mark Invalid or Mark Valid on the ChartField Combination Editing Group page for the Anchor Values Not in Rules fielD.

  3. If the combination exists in the data table, it marks the line as valid or invalid depending on the Combination Group Defines option that you selecteD.

  4. It validates whether a Combination Edit Group is associated with a Business Unit and Ledger Group.

  5. H the anchor ChartField value has a Combination Rule defined for it but the entire combination is not found In the COMBO_DATA_TBL, the combination fails the edit.

Answer: B,C,D,E

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