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PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 HRMS Fundamentals

Question No: 21

While you are entering a new hire into Job Data, you come to the Salary Plan page. You notice that the Salary Step field is populated.

From which table did the default value come from?

  1. Location

  2. Job Code

  3. Paygroup

  4. Company

  5. Department

Answer: B

Question No: 22

Your client has a contractor, who is already set up in PeopleSoft as a Contingent Worker. It wants to hire the contractor as an employee.

Which statement is true concerning its Job Data setup?

  1. A new Employee Record Number is created for the Employment Instance.

  2. The Employment Instance is added to the same Employee Record Number.

  3. The Contingent Work Instance has to be deleted before adding the Employment Instance.

  4. The Contingent Work Instance has to be terminated before adding the Employment Instance.

Answer: A

Question No: 23

In which three scenarios would PeopleSoft create a new Employee Record Number (ERN)? (Choose three.)

  1. when you assign a worker to a new position using the Job Data component

  2. when you add an additional job to an employee or contingent worker using the Add Additional Assignment component

  3. when you assign a worker to a full-time temporary assignment on the Job Data component and the system suspends the substantive job

  4. when you add another organizational instance for a worker using the Add Employment Instance or Add Contingent Worker Instance component

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 24

Identify two true statements regarding Temporary Assignments in PeopleSoft HCM 9.0.

(Choose two.)

  1. Only the temporary assignment can be paid.

  2. Both the temporary assignment and original instance can be paid.

  3. The data on the existing employment record is kept active for the duration of the temporary one.

  4. The original instance is copied to a temporary employment record and is kept in a suspended status.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 25

Identify two components where temporary assignments can be created for a worker. (Choose two.)

  1. Job Data

  2. Other Payee

  3. Add Additional Assignment

  4. Add Employment Instance

  5. Add Contingent Worker Instance

Answer: A,C

Question No: 26

A new Employment Record Number (ERN) was created erroneously. The ERN Delete Process can be used to remove the erroneous record.

Which are the three processes that this component checks before allowing the deletion of the ERN? (Choose three.)

  1. Payroll

  2. Training

  3. Benefits

  4. User Profile

  5. Time Reporting

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 27

Which three types of transactions can you use Template-Based Hire to process? (Choose three.)

  1. Hire Employee

  2. Rehire Employee

  3. Add POI with Jobs

  4. Mass Terminations

  5. Add Contingent Workers

  6. Mass Department changes

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 28

Your client has several positions that have high turnover. In hiring employees, it is spending a lot of time entering repetitive information during the hiring process. It wants to use Template-Based Hire Process to speed up the data entry for these positions.

The Template-Based Hire Process streamlines repetitive data entry on the page.

  1. Job Data

  2. Personal Data

  3. Bank Accounts

  4. Emergency Contact

  5. Employee Tax Data

Answer: A

Question No: 29

Identify the four main components in setting up hiring templates. (Choose four.)

  1. Copy Template

  2. Template Section

  3. Template Creation

  4. Template Record/Field

  5. Template Category Table

Answer: B,C,D,E

Question No: 30

Which template setup page defines what an end user can do when the person whose information is being processed already exists in the system?

  1. Sections

  2. Configuration

  3. Person Rules

  4. Template Creation

  5. Template Section Setup

  6. Template Section Field Configuration

Answer: C

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