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Oracle Database Cloud Service

Question No: 31

You are monitoring resource usage on your Database Cloud Service.

What two resource usage metrics can you find on the Instance Overview page?

  1. number of days left on your subscription

  2. number of processes allocated

  3. I/O from reads and writes

  4. memory

  5. storage

  6. number of current users

Answer: D,E Explanation:

The Overview page includes graphs that plot the data values for the top metrics for the past 7 days. The type of data collected and shown depends on the type of service. For example, for Oracle Database Cloud Service, the graphs show Storage Used and Maximum Storage Used.

Question No: 32

Which three are ways to scale a Database as a Service (DBaaS) instance that is hosting three Oracle 12c databases?

  1. Add additional virtual network interfaces (VNICs) to the DBaaS instance.

  2. Increase theMEMORY_TARGETparameter value in each database instance that is running on the DBaaSinstance.

  3. Increase theCPU_COUNTparameter value in each database instance that is running on the DBaaS instance.

  4. Increase the number of CPUs allocated to the DBaaS instance.

  5. Add storage to the DBaaS instance.

  6. Use the Oracle Database 12c In-Memory database option in each database instance that is running on the DBaaS instance.

  7. Increase the memory allocated to the DBaaS instance.

Answer: D,E,G

Question No: 33

Identify the access that is initially available to connect to your Database as a Service (DBaaS) environment.

  1. telnet on port 23

  2. SSH on port 22

  3. SSL/TLS on port 443

  4. Cloud Controlon port 7799

  5. Enterprise Manager on port 1158

Answer: B Explanation:

By default, network access to the deployment is restricted to SSH connections onport 22.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/database-dbaas-cloud/csdbi/network- access-vi.html

Question No: 34

Which two situations require that your Database as a Service (DBaaS) instance be scaled up?

  1. The DBaaS instance is maxed out on semaphore sets.

  2. The database instance has reached the limit in thelicense_max_sessionsdatabase parameter.

  3. The DBaaS instance is maxed out on CPU.

  4. The database instance is out of space in the sysaux and system tablespaces.

  5. The DBaaS instance is maxed out on storage.

  6. The DBaaS instance is maxed out on semaphores.

Answer: C,E Explanation:

Existing DBCS instances may scale up to bigger shapes in OCPU, Memory and Storage for vertical scaling. For horizontal scaling, DBCS provides RAC with the Extreme Performance option currently allowing applications to scale up to 2 nodes, each with a max of 16OCPU shapes.

Note: An Oracle CPU (OCPU) provides CPU capacity equivalent of one physical core of an Intel Xeon processor with hyper threading enabled. Each OCPU corresponds to two hardware execution threads, known as vCPUs.


Question No: 35

What are two ways to enable a port on your DBaaS VM server for access to your DBaaS instance?

  1. Use your public and private key pairs to define a list of preferred ports that get enabled during your DBaaS instance installation.

  2. Create a tunnel for port forwardingby using SSH.

  3. Configure all remote connections through port 22 that is assigned by default for SSH connections.

  4. Ask Oracle DBaaS Support to open the required ports.

  5. Use the DBaaS Compute Cloud Service Console to open ports to a set of IP addresses.

Answer: B,C Explanation:

C: SSH is a cryptographic network protocol that uses two keys, one public and one private, to provide secure communication between two networked computers. Port 22 is the standard TCP/IP port that is assigned to SSH servers.

B: To access network protocols and services on a compute node by using a port other than port 22, you must either:

References: Using Oracle Database Cloud Service (February 2018), 3-2 https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/database-dbaas-cloud/csdbi/using-oracle-database- cloud-service.pdf

Question No: 36

You are migrating an Oracle Database on-premise database to an Oracle Database Cloud Service (Database as a Service) that provides a pre-created Oracle Database database.

What four migration methods can be used?

  1. conventional export/import

  2. Transportable Tablespace (TTS) with RMAN conversion

  3. Transportable Tablespace (TTS) by using Oracle Data Pump

  4. SQL *Loader

  5. RMAN image restore

  6. Data Pump Transportable Database (TDB) export/import

Answer: B,C,D,F Explanation:

You load data into an Oracle database on Oracle Database Cloud Service using the same tools you would use for an Oracle database on another system.

  • (D) Using SQL*Loader to Load Data into the Database

    *Using Oracle DataPump Import to Load Data into the Database

  • (BC)Using Transportable Tablespaces to Load Data into the Database There are two ways to transport a tablespace:

    Manually,involvingissuing commands to SQL*Plus, RMAN, and Data Pump. Using the TransportTablespaces Wizard in Enterprise Manager

  • Using Pluggable Databases (PDBs) to Load Data into the Database

  • Using Oracle Public Cloud Data Transfer Services to Move Large Data Sets

  • (F) Full transportable export/import, is available to make migration toOracle Database 12c faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Full transportable export is available starting with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (

  • References: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/database-dbaas-cloud/csdbi/load-data- db.html https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28310/tspaces013.htm#ADMIN11395 http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/full-transportable-wp-12c- 1973971.pdf

    Question No: 37

    How would you stop Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)?

    1. Disable the APEX application in the Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Console.

    2. Use the listener control tool (lsnrctl).

    3. Stop the APEX resource in Enterprise Manager.

    4. Use theords_stopcommand.

    Answer: D


    Stopping Oracle REST Data Services References:

    Question No: 38

    Which two statements are true about the Database as a Service (DBaaS) instances and Oracle database instances that are provided by Oracle Public Cloud?

    1. A DBaaS instance Virtual Image always provides a pre-created Oracle database.

    2. An Oracle database instance that is provided as part of DBaaS runs a different executable than would be run with the same version and release of Oracle Database on private premises.

    3. A DBaaS instance Virtual Image always provides a Linux virtual machine.

    4. A DBaaS instance Virtual Image requires customers to install their preferred version on the Oracle database software.

    5. Multiple Oracle database instances can run in a DBaaS instance on Oracle Public Cloud.

    Answer: C,E Explanation:

    C:ADuringDBaaS instance Virtual Imageinstallation a Linux instance is created and a tarball is dropped into a staging area. The database is not provisioned. The file system is not prepared. The network ports are not configured and enabled. True, the virtual instance creation only takes a few minutes but all we are doing is provisioning a Linux instance and copying a tarball into a directory.

    E: Oracle Database Cloud Service enables Database Containerization. Oracle Database 12c includes the Oracle Multitenant option for managing Pluggable Databases.

    Question No: 39

    You have an Oracle Database 11g on-premises database with encrypted tablespaces.

    You want to migrate this database to the pre-created database of the Database as a Service (DBaaS) instance on Oracle Cloud.

    Which two statements are true about this migration?

    1. The on-premises database platform must be of the same endianness as the DBaaS platform.

    2. You can use Full Transportable (TDB).

    3. You can use Data Pump TTS with theENCRYPTION_PASSWORDparameter.

    4. You can use Data Pump TTS with theENCRYPTED_PASSWORDparameter.

    5. Data issent in clear when theNETWORK_LINKoption is used.

    Answer: A,C Explanation:

    TheData Pump Transportable Tablespacemethod can be used only if the on-premises platform is little endian, and the database character sets of your on-premises database and Oracle Database Cloud Service database are compatible.

    Note: If the job you are attaching to was initially started using an encryption password, then when you attach to the job you must again enter the ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD parameter on the command line to re-specify that password. The only exception to this is if the job was initially started with the ENCRYPTION=ENCRYPTED_COLUMNS_ONLY parameter. In that case, the encryption password is not needed when attaching to the job.

    References:https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/database-dbaas-cloud/csdbi/mig-11g- 11g.html

    Question No: 40

    Which statement is true about Database Schema Service and Database as a Service in Oracle Public Cloud?

    1. Database Schema Service requires no database administrators to administer the database.

    2. Database as a Service (DBaaS) requires no database administrators to administer


    3. Database as a Service (DBaaS) provides complete database instances with shared control between the subscriber DBA and Oracle Support.

    4. Database Schema Service provides database schemas with shared control between the subscriber DBA andOracle Support.

    Answer: C

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