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P2180-039 IBM WebSphere MQ Technical Sales Mastery Test v2

Question No: 1

On distributed systems, to determine the access rights a user has to a WebSphere MQ object which entity most accurately describes where to look?

  1. Access control lists

  2. Object authorities

  3. Object rights

  4. Object privileges

Answer: B

Question No: 2

Which of the following is NOT a channel connection enhancement new in WebSphere MQ v7?

  1. MQI channel connections can be shared

  2. SSL encryption for each MQI Channel connection

  3. Read-ahead for non-persistent messages

  4. Automatic client reconnection

Answer: B

Question No: 3

Which of the following WebSphere MQ supported programming APIs is NOT portable to other messaging providers?

  1. JMS

  2. XMS

  3. Web Services

  4. Java

Answer: D

Question No: 4

What is the prefix for WebSphere MQ error messages?

  1. AMQ

  2. WMQ

  3. MQR

  4. MQE

Answer: A

Question No: 5

In a distributed queuing architecture, where does the local queue manager store messages until it is ready to send them to the remote queue manager?

  1. In a relational database

  2. In a remote channel queue

  3. In a remote queue definition

  4. In a transmission queue

Answer: D

Question No: 6

What is the holding queue for messages that cannot be delivered to the destination queues?

  1. Dead-letter queue

  2. Backout queue

  3. Transmission queue

  4. Undeliverable messages are simply discarded from the system.

Answer: A

Question No: 7

If the solution designer wishes to ensure that subscribing MQ applications receive message from a topic even if the subscribing MQ application is disconnected from the queue

manager at the time the message is published, which action is required?

  1. The publishing application must set the message as persistent.

  2. The subscribing application must set the message as persistent.

  3. The publishing application must set the subscription as durable.

  4. The subscribing application must set the subscription as durable.

Answer: D

Question No: 8

When an MQ application running on a distributed platform connects to a local queue manager, which statement is TRUE regarding security checks?

  1. The queue manager uses the operating system userid associated with the MQ application.

  2. The queue manager authenticates the MQ application using the userid and password as passed in the MQCONN call.

  3. The queue manager examines the value of the MCAUSER field.

  4. The queue manager examines the value of the SSLPEER field.

Answer: A

Question No: 9

Which of the following MQ objects does NOT have cluster workload balancing attributes?

  1. Queue

  2. Topic

  3. Channel

  4. Queue manager

Answer: B

Question No: 10

Which of the following functions has been added to WebSphere MQ Explorer in

WebSphere MQ v7?

  1. Rollback in-doubt transactions from the WebSphere MQ Explorer

  2. Change WebSphere MQ administrator password from the WebSphere MQ Explorer

  3. Command line interface for WebSphere MQ Explorer

  4. Create and configure WebSphere MQ JMS administered objects

Answer: D

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