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Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

Question No: 51

In your production database, data manipulation language (DML) operations are executed on the SALES table.

You have noticed some dubious values in the SALES table during the last few days. You are able to track users, actions taken, and the time of the action for this particular period but the changes in data are not tracked. You decide to keep track of both the old data and new data in the table long with the user information.

What action would you take to achieve this task?

  1. Apply fine-grained auditing.

  2. Implement value-based auditing.

  3. Impose standard database auditing to audit object privileges.

  4. Impose standard database auditing to audit SQL statements.

Answer: B

Question No: 52

You executed the following command to create a password file in the database server:

$ orapwd file = orapworcl entries = 5 ignorecase=N

Which statement describes the purpose of the above password file?

  1. It records usernames and passwords of users when granted the DBA role

  2. It contains usernames and passwords of users for whom auditing is enabled

  3. It is used by Oracle toauthenticate users for remote database administrator

  4. It records usernames and passwords of all users when they are added to OSDBA or OSOPER operating groups

Answer: C Explanation:


Question No: 53

Examine the following impdp command to import a database over the network from a pre- 12c Oracle database (source):

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which three are prerequisites for successful execution of the command?

  1. The import operation must be performed by a useron the target database by a user with the DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE role, and the database link must connect to a user with the DATAPUMP_EXP_FULL_DATABASE role on the source database.

  2. All the user-defined tablespaces must be in read-only mode on the source database.

  3. The export dump file must be created before starting the import on the target database.

  4. The source and target database must be running on the same operating system (OS) with the same endianness.

  5. The impdp operation must be performedby the same user that performed the expdp operation.

    Answer: A,B,D Explanation:

    In this case we have run the impdp without performing any conversion if endian format is different then we have to first perform conversion.

    Question No: 54

    A user establishes a connection to a database instance by using an Oracle Net connection. You want to ensure the following:

    1. The user account must be locked after five unsuccessful login attempts.

    2. Data read per session must be limited for the user.

    3. The user cannot have more than three simultaneous sessions.

    4. The user must have a maximum of 10 minutes session idle time before being logged off automatically.

      How would you accomplish this?

      1. by granting a secure application role to the user

      2. by implementing Database Resource Manager

      3. by using Oracle Label Security options

      4. by assigning a profile to the user

Answer: D

Question No: 55

In your Oracle 12c database, you plan to execute the command:

SQLgt;CREATE TABLESPACE tbs1 DATAFILE ‘/u02/oracle/data/tbs01.dbf’ SIZE 50M;

The u02 file system has 1 GB of free space available. What is the outcome?

  1. It creates a locally managed tablespace with manual segment space management enabled.

  2. It raises an error because extent management is not specified.

  3. It creates a locally managed tablespace with automatic segment space management enabled.

  4. It creates a dictionary-managed tablespace with manual segment space management enabled.

Answer: C Explanation: References:


Question No: 56

Which two tasks can be performed on an external table?

  1. partitioning the table

  2. creating an invisible index

  3. updating the table by using an update statement

  4. creating a public synonym

  5. creating a view

Answer: D,E Explanation:


Question No: 57

Your database instance has the following parameter setting: OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX = OPS$

You execute the following command:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

And then grantOPS$GUEST_USER the CREATE SESSION privilege. Which two statements are true?

  1. GUEST_USER can query the tables created in the USERS tablespace by default.

  2. The authentication details for GUEST_USER are stored in the database password file.

  3. A local GUEST_USER OS account should exist before GUEST_USER can log on to the database.

  4. GUEST_USER can log on to the database without specifying a username and password.

  5. GUEST_USER is forced to change the password at the first login.

Answer: D,E

Question No: 58

Examine the memory-related parameters setin the SPFILE of an Oracle database:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which statement is true?

  1. Only SGA components are sized automatically.

  2. Memory is dynamically re-allocated between the SGA and PGA as needed.

  3. The size of the PGA cannot grow automatically beyond 500 MB.

  4. The value of the MEMORY_TARGET parameter cannot be changed dynamically.

Answer: C

Question No: 59

The user SCOTT owns the CUST table that is placed in the SALES tablespace. The user SCOTT opens a session and executes commands as follows:

SQLgt; INSERT INTO cust VALUES(101, #39;JACK#39;);

1 row created.

SQLgt;INSERT INTO cust VALUES(102, #39;SMITH#39;);

1 row created.

As a DBA, you execute the following command from another session: ALTER TABLESPACE sales READ ONLY;

Which statement is true regarding the effect of this command on the transaction in Scott#39;s session?

  1. The command fails as a transaction is still pending.

  2. The transaction in Scott#39;s session is rolled back and the tablespace becomes readonly.

  3. The command waits and the user SCOTT can execute data manipulation language (DML) statements only as partof the current transaction.

  4. The command hangs until all transactions on the objects in the tablespace commit or rollback, and then the tablespace is placed in readonly mode.

Answer: C Explanation:

You can issue the ALTER TABLESPACE…READ ONLY statement while the database is processing transactions. After the statement is issued, the tablespace is put into a transitional read-only state. No transactions are allowed to make further changes (using DML statements) to the tablespace. If a transaction attempts further changes, it is

terminated and rolled back. However, transactions that already made changes and that attempt no further changes are allowed to commit or roll back.

Question No: 60

Identify two correct statements about multitenant architectures.

  1. Multitenant architecture can be deployed only in a Real Application Clusters (RAC) configuration.

  2. Multiple pluggable databases (PDBs) share certain multitenant container database(CDB) resources.

  3. Multiple CDBs share certain PDB resources.

  4. Multiple non-RAC CDB instances can mount the same PDB as long as they are on the same server.

  5. Patches are always applied at the CDB level.

  6. A PDB can have a private undo tablespace.

Answer: B,E Explanation:

B: Using 12c Resource manager you will be able control CPU, Exadata I/O, sessions and parallel servers. A new 12c CDB Resource Manager Plan will use so-called “Shares” (resource allocations) to specify how CPU is distributed between PDBs. A CDB Resource Manager Plan also can use “utilization limits” to limit the CPU usage for a PDB. With a default directive, you do not need to modify the resource plan for each PDB plug and unplug.

E: New paradigms for rapid patching and upgrades.

The investment of time and effort to patch one multitenant container database results in patching all of its many pluggable databases. To patch a single pluggable database, you simply unplug/plug to a multitenant container database at a different Oracle Database software version.

Incorrect: Not A:

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