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IBM Rational IT Sales Mastery Test v2

Question No: 51

Which of the following best captures a key benefit of Rational System Architect?

  1. Provides an effective software modeling capability to develop better software.

  2. Improves decisions by comparing proposed changes to the current IT landscape and revealing the business impact.

  3. Optimizes and automates the deployment planning of existing and new systems.

  4. Automates the creation of organizational processes, responsibilities and roles.

Answer: B

Reference: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/software/emea/de/rational/neu/IBM_Rational_System_Architect_ EN_2009.pdf (page 1, third bulleted point under Highlights)

Question No: 52

Your customer learned about the Jazz platform at the last user conference. They wish to deploy a collaborative lifecycle management solution to address their full needs from requirement to development to testing, but want to use only Rational products developed on Jazz that are very well integrated.

Which of the following product combinations provide seamless integration with Requirements Composer to enforce and drive development and test?

  1. DOORS and Rational Query Manager

  2. System Architect and Rational Team Concert

  3. Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager

  4. Focal Point and Rational Quality Manager

Answer: C

Reference: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/r/rrc/ (first paragraph)

Question No: 53

What are the three key theme areas of the Deployment Planning and Automation solution?

  1. Design, Execution, Deployment

  2. Discovery, Construction, Decision

  3. Planning, Automation, Governance

  4. Dedication, Dissemination, Dictation

Answer: C

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/rational/cloud/deployment/

Question No: 54

Which of the statements best captures the competitive landscape around the Application Portfolio Management (APM) space?

  1. The APM market is in early stages, the true competitive landscape is still shaping up.

  2. APM is a very mature industry, the set of differentiating capabilities are well known.

  3. Potential customers have access to proven market analysts reports and analysis.

  4. The leaders in the APM space are well known and established.

Answer: B

Question No: 55

What is the benefit of the integration between the Rational Application Developer and Rational Team Concert?

  1. Collaborative debugging and integrated project management views.

  2. Integrated requirements management.

  3. Deployment and testing for WebSphere Application Server.

  4. Ability to publish and consume reusable assets.

Answer: A

Reference: https://jazz.net/products/rational-team-concert/integrations/development (see IBM rational application developer, first paragraph)

Question No: 56

What products make up the Smarter Application Portfolio Management (APM) Accelerator?

  1. Rational Focal Point, Rational Team Concert, Rational Software Architect

  2. Rational Rhapsody, Rational Doors, Rational Insight

  3. Rational Focal Point, Rational System Architect

  4. Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirement Composer, Rational Quality Manager

Answer: C

Reference: https://www- 950.ibm.com/events/wwe/ca/canada.nsf/vLookupPDFs/Rational_1_-

_Jeff_Bush_amp;_Larry_Wallendorff/$file/Rational 1 –

Jeff Bush amp; Larry Wallendorff.pdf (slide 43)

Question No: 57

Which of these are common problems that exist in software delivery organizations today?

  1. Homogeneous teams, increased transparency automation

  2. Cross-platform collaboration, increased focus on development, high labor costs

  3. Siloed individuals and teams, poor visibility into projects, manual processes

  4. Identifying the project management tool to be used

Answer: C

rence: http://www.slideshare.net/IBMDK/transform-software-delivery-to-address-market- complexity-and-change (5th slide)

Question No: 58

What is the core functionality of Rational Quality Manager?

  1. It provides a model-based testing environment for software and systems.

  2. It provides a collaborative approach to the management of builds: focusing on build failures.

  3. It automatically makes adjustments for changes in concept.

  4. It facilitates collaboration, providing enforceable process workflow, test automation, and real-time reporting across the testing lifecycle.

Answer: D

Reference: http://www.slideshare.net/strongback/rational-quality-manager (slide#3)

Question No: 59

Which of the following statements best captures one of the key benefits of Enterprise Architecture Management solutions?

  1. Automated collection of data and metrics about the software applications deployed within the organization.

  2. Provides pre-defined frameworks to identify all systems currently deployed.

  3. Connects the business and technology needs into a cohesive and dynamic blueprint.

  4. Drives the formulation of changes to the software development platform.

Answer: C

Reference: http://www-142.ibm.com/software/products/us/en/category/SW7A0 (first paragraph)

Question No: 60

How does Rational Software Architect Design Manager improve cross-team collaboration?

  1. It supports the Composite Application Editor which can be used to quickly assemble applications

  2. It implements a process for developers to notify team members of changes to the specification and requirements.

  3. It applies Jazz technology to add a central design hub, automated design reviews and an extended team web client

  4. It inserts a subset of Rational Team Concert into Rational Software Architect.

Answer: C

Reference: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rational/library/collaborative-design- management/index.html (How new collaborative Design Management features help, first bulleted point)

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