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Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Implementation Essentials

Question No: 31

All of the following are components of the Session Border Controller#39;s OS Media Control function, except:

  1. Quality of Service (QoS) Marking

  2. DTMF extraction (RFC2833)

  3. Dynamic Access Control

  4. Conferencing/Multipoint Control Unit (MTU) mixing

  5. Media supervision timers/call teardown

Answer: E

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/net/InetAddress.html

Question No: 32

Your Net-Net 4500 is configured as the source and destination for all signaling messages and media streams coming into and leaving the provider#39;s network.

Which two SIP functions does it provide?

  1. Edge proxy

  2. Firewall

  3. Back to Back User Agent

  4. Media gateway

  5. An IP edge router

Answer: A,D

Question No: 33

A steering pool defines .

  1. A range of IP addresses used to route media flows as they egress the box.

  2. A range of IP addresses and a pool of ports Net-Net 4500 will use to declare itself as the destination for all subsequent media flows in a dialog.

  3. An IP address and range of ports the Net-Net 4500 will use to declare itself as the destination for media flows in a session.

  4. An IP address and port the Net-Net 4500 uses for steering media to the external media server.

  5. A range of ports used to route media flows as they egress the Net-Net 4500.

Answer: E

Question No: 34

You are examining a SIP packet.

The only SIP method defined in IETF RFC documents that never receives a final response is:

  1. ACK





Answer: D

Question No: 35

To return the Session Border Controller configuration to a known, factory default state you must .

  1. Issue the delete-config command and reboot.

  2. Issue the set-system-state offline command.

  3. Issue the delete-config command.

  4. Issue the set-system-state offline command and reboot.

  5. Press the reset button on the front panel.

Answer: A

Question No: 36

Which statement about passwords on the Net-Net 4500 is FALSE?

  1. The User and Superusermodes are password protected.

  2. Passwords are stored in NVRAM.

  3. You do not need User and Superuser mode passwords when accessing the ACLI using SSH.

  4. Passwords cannot be seen in the output from the running configuration.

  5. The default user mode password is quot;acmequot;.

Answer: C

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E50366_01/doc/sbc_scx640_adminsecurity.pdf

Question No: 37

You are logged into the Session Border Controller as superuser.You want to remove other users from the system.

What telnet command is available to remove other users?

  1. Kill lt;index numbergt;

  2. Kill lt;task-idgt;

  3. Remove user lt;index numbergt;

  4. Remove user lt;usernamegt;

  5. Remove users

Answer: C

Question No: 38

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an Application layer control protocol that performs which two functions?

  1. Establish, modify and terminate multimedia sessions.

  2. Reserve resources for multimedia sessions.

  3. Provide network transport services for real-time applications such as voice and video.

  4. Describe the supported media attributes for the session.

  5. Support redirection services.

Answer: A,C

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/net/InetAddress.html

Question No: 39

Which two alarm reporting mechanisms are available to provide fault information for your Session Border Controller in a VOIP network?

  1. The Acme Packet Net-Net 4000 Element Management System (EMS)

  2. CMIP fault/response messages

  3. Rear craft interface display

  4. SNMP traps

  5. Via the show system-alarms ACLI command

Answer: C,E

Question No: 40

When the nat-traversal parameter is set to quot;alwaysquot;, the Session Border Controller compares the and the Layer-3 source address to determine whether the endpoint is behind a NAT device and further compares the to the Layer-3 source address to determine whether to add the registration to its registration cache.

  1. SIP Proxy IP address;SIP Registrar address

  2. Sent-by of the bottom most Via header; host address of the Contact URI

  3. From address; host address of the Contact URI

  4. Host address of the Contact URI; From address

  5. Sent-by of the top most Via header; host address of the Contact URI

Answer: B,D

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