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Oracle Infrastructure as a Service 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 11

Which two methods would you use to obtain a token, when executing an operation and authenticating against your Oracle Storage Cloud Service instance?

  1. Use the Java library, which automatically requests an authentication token.

  2. In the Oracle Cloud My Services web console, navigate to the Security tab, and select Generate Token.

  3. Use the REST API to request an authentication token.

  4. Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) and enter theget_tokencommand.

  5. Use an SSL utility to generate a self-signed SSL token certificate.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 12

A customer is located in Chicago, Illinois. What requirement must they satisfy to use the Oracle Network Cloud Service – FastConnect Standard Edition?

  1. Their data center is collocated with an Equinix data center.

  2. Their data center must be collocated with an Oracle partner data center in Chicago.

  3. Their data center must be collocated with an Oracle data center in the continental USA.

  4. Their data center must be collocated with an Oracle data center in Chicago.

Answer: D

Question No: 13

You are using Chef to set up an application server on an Oracle Compute Cloud Service instance. Identify two configuration tasks that you must complete.

  1. Edit the/etc/cheffile.

  2. Edit the/etc/profilefile.

  3. Update node permissions.

  4. Configure a password-less SSH connection between the Oracle Compute Cloud Service instance that will host the Chef server and all instances managed by the server.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 14

Which two methods can you use to ensure secure access from the Internet to Linux virtual machines (VMs) in Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

  1. Configure the VMs to disable access from the Internet.

  2. Define ACLs for files and directories on the VMs.

  3. Create a VNC tunnel to each VM.

  4. Log in to the VMs by using SSH.

  5. Set up firewalls by using security lists.

Answer: D,E

Question No: 15

Which two features are provided by FastConnect – Standard Edition?

  1. access to your Oracle Cloud service using a direct connection from your premises or colocation facility

  2. prioritized access to Oracle Cloud support for your Oracle Cloud services

  3. a direct connection to your Oracle Cloud services, so data is not transported over the public Internet

  4. a dedicated T1 line to your Oracle Cloud services

  5. a level 2 router, which encrypts and decrypts every packet you send over the public Internet to your Oracle Cloud service

Answer: A,C

Question No: 16

A customer who uses Oracle Storage Cloud Service seeks a more automated method, instead of using the REST API and manually entering the cURL commands. Which service should the customer implement?

  1. Oracle File Transfer Appliance

  2. Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance

  3. Oracle Data Transfer Service

  4. Oracle Documents Cloud Service

Answer: A

Question No: 17

Can a single container be used for both Standard Storage and Archive Storage?

  1. No. Containers inherit the single storage class, Archive or Storage, which is specified for the account.

  2. Yes. Only the object metadata will vary depending on how you upload it.

  3. No. A container can be of only one class, Archive or Standard.

  4. Yes. You can switch the storage class from Archive to Standard and vice versaat any time.

  5. Yes. However, when you change the container class from Archive to Storage or vice versa, all the previously stored objects are destroyed.

Answer: B

Question No: 18

Identify three capabilities of the Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance.

  1. it converts any server into an Oracle Storage Cloud Engineered System Appliance

  2. it turns a serverinto a local mount to Oracle Storage Cloud Service, enabling file-based data movement to the Oracle Storage Cloud

  3. it is a gateway to the Oracle Storage Cloud Service having read and write performance comparable to network-attached storage

  4. it enablessynchronous file-based symmetric replication to Oracle Cloud

  5. it extends end-to-end security encryption and key management using Oracle Key Vault

  6. it provides security with end-to-end encryption with control of the keys and transparent encryption

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 19

Identify two ways to access, administer, or use Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

  1. Representational State Transfer (REST) API

  2. Web console

  3. OpenStackIdentity Keystone

  4. TFTP

  5. AJAX

  6. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

Answer: A,B

Question No: 20

How are segments and manifest files uploaded when using the Static Large Object (SLO) method?

  1. Segments uploaded using Static Large Object must then be converted to Dynamic Large Objects.

  2. Segments can be uploaded before the manifest file in Static Large Object.

  3. The manifest object can only be created after uploading the segments in Static Large Object.

  4. Segments are dynamically called and uploaded by the manifest recipe.

Answer: C

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