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Oracle Infrastructure as a Service 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 1

You have created a container in Oracle Storage Cloud Service. How would you upload a file to that container when using a REST API call?

  1. You cannot upload files using REST API calls.

  2. Send a PUT request to{accountURL}/{containerName}.

  3. Send a PUT request to{accountURL}/{containerName}/{objectName}.

  4. Send a POST request to{accountURL}/{containerName}/{objectName}.

  5. Send a POST request to{accountURL}.

Answer: C

Question No: 2

Which two statements are true about shapes?

  1. A shape defines how much CPU and memory resources are consumed by the operating system running on the VM.

  2. Shapes define the combination ofcomputer power, memory, and number of threads enabled.

  3. A range of shapes (combination of compute power and memory) is available to select for VMs.

  4. A shape defines the number of Oracle Compute Units (OCPUs) and the amount of RAM available for a virtual machine (VM).

  5. A shape defines the number of Oracle Compute Units (OCPUs) equivalent to an Intel processor.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 3

You have created four instances using a single orchestration. Two instances have the High Availability (HA) policy specifies as Active, one has the HA policy specified as Monitor, and the fourth has the HA policy specifies as None. What can you do?

  1. You can’t delete any of the instances.

  2. Delete all of the instances by stopping the orchestration.

  3. Delete only the instances that have the HA policy specified as Noneor Monitor.

  4. Delete only the instance that has the HA policy specified as None.

  5. Delete only the instance that has the HA policy specified as Monitor.

Answer: D

Question No: 4

Which two methods can customers use to control and secure their data in Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

  1. Set up RSA read and write key pairs on containers.

  2. Through RESTful web services, invoke Oracle Data Masking on objects stored.

  3. Use the Java client to encrypt data when stored and decrypt data whenretrieved.

  4. Assign read and write permissions to containers to restrict access to data.

  5. Through RESTful web services, invoke SPARC M7 processor 128-bit encryption.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 5

Identify three key capabilities of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service.

  1. it provides High Availability (HA)

  2. it provides disk images in RAW format

  3. it provisions compute hardware that is managed by the customer

  4. it provides bare metal compute, high-performance storage, and non-blocking networking

  5. it enables non-uniform memory access (NUMA)

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 6

Identify three key technology components of Oracle Ravello.

  1. vSphere orchestrator

  2. storage overlay

  3. software-defined network

  4. hyperthreaded multiplexer

  5. high performance nested hypervisor

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 7

Which two methods can you use to programmatically store, access, or manage content in Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

  1. a RESTful Web Service

  2. RMAN

  3. NFS

  4. SQL*NET

  5. ODBC

  6. a Java client API

Answer: C,F

Question No: 8

Which three steps should be completed in order to get started with Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

  1. Associate a permanent public IP address with the instance.

  2. Create a site-to-site VPN tunnel.

  3. Request a trial subscription or purchase a subscription to an Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

  4. Activate and verify the service.

  5. Create accounts for your users and assign privileges and roles.

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 9

When you request Oracle Network Cloud Service – VPN for Dedicated Compute service, which IP address range is used to configure your service?

  1. the public IP address range that you want to use for your instances in Oracle Compute Cloud Service

  2. the private IP address range that you want to use for your instances in Oracle Compute Cloud Service

  3. the public IP addresses of your existing Oracle Compute Cloud Service instances

  4. the private IP address range that is used in your on-premises data center

Answer: C

Question No: 10

Identify the two steps that you must perform in order to download an archived object.

  1. Have the download archive permission.

  2. Get an authentication token and download the archived object.

  3. Find out the status of the object and restore the object.

  4. Verify the object restoration status and download the object.

  5. Create an archive container.

Answer: B,C

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