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Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2016 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 61

Identify the different dunning letter versions provided to the customer.

  1. Final Demand, Soft, Medium

  2. Regular, Medium, Hard

  3. Regular, Final Demand, Medium

  4. Soft, Regular, Hard

Answer: D

Question No: 62

What is the impact on transactions if you change the billing cycle for a customer of group of customers?

  1. New transaction after this change inherit the new billing cycle.

  2. Existing transactions with activity adapt the; new billing cycle.

  3. Existing transactions with NO activity retain the old billing cycle.

  4. The billing cycle does NOT have any impact on new transactions.

Answer: A

Question No: 63

The billing Specialist creates an adjustment for an INCORRECT invoice and sends it for approval through the review and Manage Transaction link in the Billing Work Area. Since the adjustment amount is above approval limit, it is routed to the Billing Manager. What is the status of the Adjustment when the approver sees the adjustment in his Work Queue?

  1. Pending Research

  2. Pending Approval

  3. Approval Required

  4. Waiting Approval

Answer: D

Explanation: When you enter adjustments outside your approval limits for the currency of the item that you are adjusting, Receivables creates the pending adjustment in the Approve Adjustments form with a status of Waiting Approval. Adjustment with the waiting approval can only be approved by users with the appropriate approval limit of currency of the item you are adjusting.

Question No: 64

When a customer opts to make a payment by a credit card, this receipt is identified as a (n)


  1. manual receipt

  2. automatic receipt

  3. QuickCash receipt

  4. Autolockbox receipt

  5. miscellaneous receipt

Answer: B

Question No: 65

Dunning can be configured using .

  1. only one business unit

  2. only multiple business units

  3. both by single business unit or multiple business units

  4. can NOT be configured by business units

Answer: C

Explanation: Dunning can be configured by one business unit or multiple business units.

Reference: Oracle Fusion Applications Financials Implementation Guide, Dunning Configuration Set

Question No: 66

An Invoice was billed incorrectly and the Billing Specialist has created an adjustment for the Invoice. The Billing Specialist submitted it for approval but it was rejected by the Billing Manager.

What is true in this scenario?

  1. The adjustment is closed and the process is ended without any invoice or accounting impact.

  2. The adjustment is routed back to the Billing Specialist for further action and is in the More Research status.

  3. The adjustment is closed and the invoice balance is reduced by the adjustment amount.

  4. The adjustment is routed back to the Billing Specialist with the Rejected status.

Answer: D

Question No: 67

Users can choose to EXCLUDE specific transactions in a Balance Forward Bill. Which statement is true about transaction exclusion?

  1. Transaction exclusion can be done during creation of the transaction.

  2. Transaction exclusion for a statement can be done at each transaction level.

  3. Transaction exclusion can NOT be done during the creation of a transaction.

  4. Transaction exclusion for a statement can be done at the individual transaction as well as the transaction group level.

Answer: B Explanation: Note:

  • The Override terms option makes available to transactions non-balance forward payment terms and the one balance forward billing payment terms you defined in the previous step. This lets you exclude individual transactions from balance forward billing by assigning the transaction non-balance forward payment terms.

  • If the Override Terms option on the customer profile is set to Yes, then you can remove transactions from the bill by assigning these transactions non-balance forward billing payment terms.

    These transactions are excluded from the next run of the balance forward bill. Instead an individual document is printed for each of these transactions.

    Question No: 68

    The Receipts Pending Application region in the Receivables Dashboard provides Information about which two Items?

    1. Receipt Status

    2. Batch type

    3. Control Amount

    4. Receipt Date

    5. Amount

    Answer: D,E Explanation: Note:

  • What is the total open receivables amount?

  • This is the amount per currency of the amount in the Total Transaction Due Amount column less the amount in the Receipts Pending Application Amount column. This amount provides the current receivables position of a customer account.

    Question No: 69

    Tables for the Customer Master are owned by .

    1. Oracle Fusion Receivables

    2. Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration

    3. Oracle Fusion Trading Community Architecture

    4. Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management

    Answer: B Explanation:

    Note: During order processing, the order is created in the order capture system and sent to Distributed Order Orchestration, along with customer data. If the customer already exists in the Fusion customer master, then Distributed Order Orchestration uses a cross-reference to obtain the master customer record and the customer ID for the intended order fulfillment system. Then the decomposed order is sent, along with the customer ID and necessary attributes from the master.

    Note: Oracle’s latest release of Customer Hub (formerly Universal Customer Master) is

    Release 8.2. It includes Data Governance Manager, DRM for Customer Hub (customer analytical MDM and advanced hierarchy management), MDM analytics (OBIEE maps and dashboard), and enhanced stewardship, with a rules engine and household survivorship.

    Question No: 70

    For refund requests, Autoinvoice automatically places the on-account amount of a refund request if and .

    1. the receipt to be refunded has NOT yet been remitted

    2. receipts with different payment types were used to pay the same transaction to be credited

    3. installments that existed on the transaction were fully paid

    4. the receipt does NOT have on account credit memo against it

    Answer: C,D Explanation:

    D: You can only use automated receipt handling for credits with approved credit memos.


    During AutoInvoice import, the process flow for automated receipt handling for credits is as follows:

    ->AutoInvoice verifies that the transaction source assigned to the credit memo has

    automated receipt handling enabled.

    ->AutoInvoice evaluates each credit memo and its associated transaction to determine eligibility for automatic receipt handling. To be eligible:

    ->If eligible, then AutoInvoice unapplies the paid transaction from the receipt to be credited.

    ->AutoInvoice creates the credit memo in the amount of the requested credit, and applies the credit to the transaction.

    ->If your policy is to automatically refund your customers, then AutoInvoice evaluates the receipt for refund eligibility. To be eligible, the receipt must not be in doubt.

    ->If eligible for refund, AutoInvoice creates the refund for all credit request amounts that are greater than or equal to the value entered in the Minimum Refund Amount system option.

    AutoInvoice places on account any credit amount that is less than the specified minimum.

    ->AutoInvoice applies the appropriate receivable activity to the receipt, as determined by the transaction source.

    Reference: Automated Receipt Handling for Credits: How It Works

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