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IBM Smarter Cities Sales Mastery Test v1

Question No: 11

IBM#39;s Smarter Cities solution portfolio is expansive, which of these solutions are currently available in meeting the Planning and Management service area needs?

  1. Operations insight

  2. Law enforcement and public safety

  3. Building management

  4. All of the above

Answer: D Explanation: B:

Public Safety Organization utilized social network analysis to dismantle an organized crime group, making more than140 arrestswith 70% conviction rate.

Las Vegas Metro Police turned to IBM for help in improving public safety through analyzing datato recognize patterns

C:Planning and Management

Design and implement a city plan to realize full potential for citizens and businesses; while efficiently running daily operations

Question No: 12

What will city leaders achieve through innovations in the Smarter Cities Infrastructure service area?

  1. Ability to deliver efficient fundamental city services that make a city desirable for citizens

  2. Ability to meet its budget

  3. Ability to review social programs that are focused on the individual citizen

  4. Ability to predict the health of its citizens

Answer: A

Explanation: Smarter cities of all sizes are capitalizing on new technologies and insights to transform their systems, operations and service delivery.

Competition among cities to engage and attract new residents, businesses and visitors means constant attention to providing a high quality of life and vibrant economic climate.

Question No: 13

Which IBM capabilities provide immediate synergies with i2 Intelligence Analysis?

  1. IBM SPSS for predictive analytics

  2. IBM ECM for Content Analytics and Advanced Case Management

  3. IBM Tivoli for provisioning and asset management

  4. A and B

Answer: D

Explanation: *IBM i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to provide incremental advantages including:

Integration with other IBM and customer solutions though a services bus to deliver a more holistic solution. Examples include fraud detection solutions, such as IBM SPSSand case management solutions, such as IBM Case Manager.

*Proactive Policing through IBM Integrated Law Enforcement

IBM ILE serves the command amp; operational community, intelligence analysts and field officers. IBM SPSS adds business analytics for effective deployment decisions

Question No: 14

Why is smarter water management an urgent global issue when so much of the earth is covered in water?

  1. This is not an urgent global issue, we have sufficient water to meet the needs of the world#39;s growing population

  2. With Global Warming, more water is evaporating so it is urgent that we find a way to capture that evaporation

  3. In reality 97% of all the earth#39;s water is saltwater, 2% is held in snow and icebergs leaving only 1 % available for human consumption

  4. Drinking water will soon be controlled by the water bottling companies as a way to inflate demand and increase prices

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Answer: C Explanation:

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/58/Earth’s_water_distribution. svg/400px-Earth’s_water_distribution.svg.png

Question No: 15

What are the three key capabilities that can enable quot;citiesquot; to provide for sustainable economic growth and improve delivery of services to its citizens?

  1. Leverage information, anticipate problems, coordinate resources

  2. Enable leaders, provide solutions, report on outcomes

  3. Engage citizens, document needs, meet with citizens

  4. Deploy technology, integrate information, write reports

Answer: A

Question No: 16

Which of these are the three main aspects of Curam#39;s approach to providing Smarter Social Programs?

  1. Outcome derived. Individual Centered. Integrated Service Delivery

  2. Policy focused, Budget Centered. Integrated Service Delivery

  3. Outcome focused. Family Centered. Integrated Service Delivery

  4. None of the above

Answer: C

Question No: 17

IBM Intelligent Transportation, IOC and Public Transit Awareness Asset can be sold today to address which use case?

  1. Traffic awareness

  2. Vehicle analytics

  3. Feeding transportation data to external applications

  4. Integrating control applications

Answer: A

Explanation: *IBM Intelligent Transportationoffers capabilities for traffic and transit operations management that can help:

Gain real-time situational awareness of the network Identify incidents and correct performance issues

Manage traffic conditions and transit schedule deviations proactively Contribute significantly to improving the commuter experience

*PTA (Public Transport Awareness) is an high-throughput mechanism to sense, optimize and manage the public transit infrastructure. PTA processes, stores and displays passengers and vehicle movements across a public transport network in real time.

*The IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities solution is designed to process data feeds and event information from individual departments to help improve the operational efficiency of a city or other complex infrastructures. It provides an executive dashboard to depict the overall status of a city#39;s operations. The dashboard spans individual agency-specific solution areas and enables drill-down capability into each underlying agency – water management, public safety, and traffic management.

Question No: 18

What is the core capability of IBM#39;s Intelligent Operations Center?

  1. Intelligent capture and archiving of operational information from multiple sources

  2. Collecting and analyzing data, while automating a collaborative response

  3. Staffing of Operations Centers for high touch human to human emergency response

  4. Reporting of citizen responses for statistics collection

Answer: A

Explanation: By performing the following tasks, IBM Intelligent Operations Center uses the power of the

real-world data that is generated by computer systems:

*Collecting and managing the correct data

*Integrating and analyzing that data

*Facilitating easy and timelyaccess to information

*Presenting related information in a coherent way

Question No: 19

Which of these deployment choices are available for IBM Smarter Cities solutions?

  1. On premise

  2. Shared services

  3. Cloud delivery

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Explanation: *IBM Intelligent Operations Center offers multiple deployment models to provide options for cities of all sizes with varying levels of IT resources. Alternatively, IBM Intelligent Operations Center as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) option on the IBM Cloud can help cities capitalize on the latest technology advances while controlling costs.

Access the entire range of tools regardless of your organization#39;s current or planned IT infrastructure or staffing through both on-premise or cloud-based deployment models.

Question No: 20

Which of the following is the reason why the IOC is better than a custom built from scratch solution?

  1. The IOC has a guaranteed standard support L1, L2, L3 structure

  2. The IOC is well documented

  3. The IOC team includes business and operational subject matter experts, and business partners

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

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