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IBM Smarter Cities Sales Mastery Test v1

Question No: 1

Which key process is Curam Universal Access designed to support?

  1. Needs-based Triage and Screening

  2. Common Intake on Government Programs

  3. Managing the ongoing client relationship

  4. All of the Above

Answer: B

Explanation: Cç…¤ram Universal Access is a software solution that enables governments to provide citizens a single point of access to all social programs and services for which they are eligible.

Question No: 2

Intelligent Operations Center provides integrated insight for which of the Smarter Cities service areas?

  1. Human

  2. Infrastructure

  3. Planning and Management

  4. Any of the particular service area or across many services

Answer: D

Explanation: IBM Intelligent Operations Center provides the base platform for IBM and IBM Business Partners to buildend-to-end solutions for various domains.

Question No: 3

Which of the following is a new addition to the IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio?

  1. IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform

  2. IBM i2 Analyst#39;s Notebook Premium

  3. IBM i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Explanation: IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform provides an extensible, service-oriented environment designed to integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure.

Take advantage of extensive multidimensional visual analysis through the optional IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium.

Use as part of a group of IBM i2 solutions targeted at specific industry needs: IBM i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis, IBM i2 Intelligent Law Enforcement and IBM i2 National Security and Defense Intelligence.

Question No: 4

What type of help are city leaders around the globe looking for by partnering with IBM for Smarter Cities?

  1. Turn data into actionable information

  2. Develop a solution roadmap that is specific to their needs

  3. Harness real world examples that can be used to crystallize their actions and champion their own cause.

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Question No: 5

Which of these is a reason for IBM#39;s leadership with IBM#39;s Intelligent Operations Center (IOC)?

  1. IOC was successfully crowdsourced and built using open source software

  2. IOC comes from the understanding and patterns of over 2000 Smarter Cities projects

  3. IOC has been studied in academia for many years and IBM was able to transfer all the technology through IBM Academic Initiatives

  4. IOC was invented as a test bed for training Watson for the US quiz show Jeopardy!

Answer: B

Question No: 6

How has the acquisition of i2 extended IBM#39;s leadership in Smarter Law Enforcement and Public Safety?

  1. By making available Public Safety offerings in the cloud

  2. By promoting IBM in the Law Enforcement and Public Safety conferences

  3. By adding industry leading intelligence analysis and investigation capabilities that enable government agencies, defense and enterprises to reduce crime, fraud, and security threats

  4. By delivering on the promise of public safety for the world

Answer: C

Explanation: IBMi2solutions help law enforcement, national security, defense and commercial organizations detect, investigate and combat criminal and terrorist activity. Whether investigating criminal or terrorist networks, monitoring activity across national borders, strengthening cyber security measures, or protecting your customers and constituents from criminal threats, the flexible design of IBM i2 solutions will help you turn large amounts of disparate data into actionable intelligence.

Question No: 7

What capability is enabled by complementing i2 Analyst#39;s Notebook with IBM Content Analytics?

  1. The capture of structured data for analysis through the analyst and intelligence tools

  2. Highly scalable unstructured data analytics that allow unstructured information to be processed without human intervention.

  3. Case management both on premise and in the cloud

  4. Life cycle governance of the content

Answer: B

Explanation: IBM Content Analytics

*a search and analytics platform that combines the power of content analytics with the scale of enterprise search in one offering

*uses rich-text analysis to surface

new, actionable insights from enterprise content

Question No: 8

How is CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) used by IBM#39;s Intelligent Operations Center?

  1. As a device that can be used by home owners to monitor their homes for safety

  2. As a simple and general format for exchanging all hazard emergency alerts and public warnings over all kinds of networks

  3. As an audible siren that can be heard from 100 miles away

  4. None of the above

Answer: B

Explanation: CAP, a standard protocol developed by OASIS (see Resources), enables the Intelligent Operations Center to consume information about events in a city or enterprise.

The CAP format is quite simple and useful, even though it entails a minimal amount of information. The sender includes only relevant information about the event#39;s location, severity, and other important details. The relative commonality and extreme extensibility of the CAP protocol make it a useful choice for interchange with the Intelligent Operations Center. It is also simple to use Intelligent Operations Center#39;s enterprise service bus to map non-CAP messages into CAP format.

Question No: 9

What are the three Smarter Cities service areas that IBM has prioritized to support overall city livability, so that leaders can meet and exceed citizen expectations?

  1. Economic. Social. Political

  2. Planning and Administration. Political, Social

  3. Planning and Management. Technological. Human

  4. Planning and Management. Infrastructure, Human

Answer: D

Explanation: Smarter cities drive sustainable economic growth and deliver citizencentered


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Question No: 10

When pricing an Intelligent Water solution, what needs to be considered for accurate pricing?

  1. Whether the client is responsible for public or private water management

  2. The estimate on customization and integration work

  3. If the solution will be used to manage waste or fresh water

  4. Try to reduce the overall price by leveraging any and all applicable SWG assets for free

Answer: B

Explanation: Intelligent Water can helpprovide input on rate pricing for each user segment based onconsumption history, water demand and supply constraints.

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