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VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop

Question No: 121 – (Topic 2)

To use previously created desktop VMs, which type of desktop pool should the View administrator create?

  1. Automated desktop pool

  2. Manual desktop pool

  3. Persistent desktop pool

  4. Custom desktop pool

Answer: B

Question No: 122 – (Topic 2)

Which desktop source is used in an automated pool that contains full virtual machines?

  1. A cloned copy of a physical Windows desktop

  2. A Windows XP ISO

  3. A virtual machine template

  4. A snapshot of a parent virtual machine

Answer: C

Question No: 123 – (Topic 2)

Which type of pool uses the least amount of storage?

  1. An automated pool that contains full virtual machines with thin-provisioning enabled

  2. A manual pool

  3. A linked clone automated pool with thin-provisioning enabled

  4. A linked clone automated pool

Answer: D

Question No: 124 – (Topic 2)

An administrator must create a pool for a group of developers. The developer group is still growing, and additional developers will be hired over the coming months. The developers use a standard system configuration and a common set of tools. From time to time they also need to install unique applications required by the projects that they are working on.

Which two configuration options should the administrator use when configuring this pool? (Choose two.)

  1. Create 4GB persistent disks to store the application software.

  2. Select Redirect Windows profile to persistent disk.

  3. Select an automated pool to use a template.

  4. Create a dedicated-assignment pool.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 125 – (Topic 2)

When creating an Automated Pool with Full Clones, which two settings require Floating Assignment? (Choose two.)

  1. Delete desktop after logoff

  2. Remote desktop power policy

  3. Allow multiple sessions per user

  4. Allow users to reset their desktops

Answer: A,C Explanation:

This question is probably not correct, because there are no requirements.

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Question No: 126 – (Topic 2)

Which configuration option must be provided to the wizard when creating Automated Pools with Full Virtual Machines?

  1. Active Directory domain

  2. Default image

  3. Redirect Windows profile to persistent disks

  4. User assignment type

Answer: D

Question No: 127 – (Topic 2)

Why must an unmanaged desktop be registered with View Connection Server before it can be added to a pool?

  1. The View Composer will not be able to create linked clones in the pool.

  2. The desktop must be known to vCenter Server to be seen by the Connection Server.

  3. The View Connection Server must remotely install View Agent before adding the desktop to the pool.

  4. The View Connection Server must know the FQDN or IP address of the desktop before it can add it as a source.

Answer: D

Question No: 128 – (Topic 2)

A desktop administrator creates a manual pool and determines that one of the unmanaged desktops does not appear in the list of machines that can be added.

How can the desktop administrator verify that the desktop is registered?

  1. Review the list of desktops in View Administrator.

  2. Review registration events in the events database.

  3. Review the Registered Desktop Sources page in View Administrator.

  4. Review the list of pools in View Administrator.

Answer: C

Question No: 129 – (Topic 2)

Multiple users need to be able to access a physical desktop that has specialized software. All data needed by the users is stored on a network share.

What must the administrator do so that the users can access the physical desktop in a View environment?

  1. A dedicated-assignment automatic pool must be created.

  2. A floating-assignment manual pool that includes only this desktop must be created.

  3. An automatic pool with manual-assignment of names must be created.

  4. A Terminal Services pool that includes the desktop must be created.

Answer: B

Question No: 130 – (Topic 2)

When creating a Manual Pool, what is required to use PCoIP with a desktop source not managed by vCenter Server?

  1. Teradici hardware must be installed on the desktop source.

  2. The VMware View Agent must be installed on the desktop source.

  3. The VMware PCoIP agent must be installed on the desktop source.

  4. Windows 7 with Hardware Acceleration must be installed on the desktop source.

Answer: A

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